Cilantro (Coriander)

Far East, Mediterranean region, and central Europe.

The leaves have an unpleasant bug smell, the seeds are rather sweetish.

General benefits
Stimulates digestion, appetite, carminative (expulsion of intestinal gas), antibacterial.

Ayurvedic properties
Its flavor is sweet and astringent. It is fresh, light and oily. Suitable for the three Dosas.

Culinary uses
In terms of taste, cilantro resembles a mix of sage and orange zest. Coarsely chopped, its seeds are the ingredients for seasoning cakes (especially gingerbread). It also accompanies roasts, lamb, veal and game and fish. Fresh cilantro leaves, mainly used in Eastern and Chinese cuisine, carry an unpleasant smell that disappears during cooking. In India, many curries and chutneys are made with freshly chopped leaves. Cilantro is an essential component of curry.

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